Gold Cheats in Towers and Dungeons iPhone

In towers and dungeons game, you must build a magic tower high up towards the sky with your minions or dig far down to reach the dungeons in search of the legendary dragons’ home and discover long forgotten secret chambers and treasures.

Towers and Dungeons for iPhone

When trying to build home for him players will have to build a number of floors and collect resources including food and building materials.
Building new room will require both food and building materials so that you can use orchards and mills to generate more resources.
Afterward you have to upgrade them to increase the output of your resources productions.

You have to explore the world while going to more than 40 different floors in order to help and find home for the little green dragon of Eugene.
You can also compete with your friends, visit their towers or caves and play lots of pranks with your minions.

Try to complete hundred missions and quests to get special bonus in this game
You can also visit friends in their tower and interact with them
Try to collect some colorful minions to upgrade your orchards and mills to get the best output

To speed up your resource productions you can ask for a witch that passing by to produce resources.
Sometimes a tourist might wander in and task players with locating a hidden item and the minions as well.

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