Gold tCrystals Cheats in Tiny Legends Heroes on iPhone

In tiny legends heroes game, you firstly select your role of heroes by tapping on them or their portraits in the upper-left.

Tiny Legends Heroes on iPhone

Afterward you will have the objectives to be accomplished in every stage.
You have to control blocky little fighters, priests, barbarians, and the like to delve into a dungeon, beat up monsters, pick up treasure, and level up your heroes.

You have to tap on an enemy target to send the little hero to rain wrath upon the accursed treasure-holders.

You will have to do so as they tend to just sit on a map that is navigated while entering the player into a battle screen when encountered then posing the challenge of having waves of enemies come at the heroes on screen.

After each battle Treasure can be had as is experience in this game.
The former will lead to a little game of three-card monte in which chests will replace cards that will be gained though the movement The rub is the other chests will only be opened the in-game currency.

You will have to do some battles to get an experience quickly in order to level up and get bonus reward which allows your heroes to go back to town.

By having those money you can purchase upgrades for your skills or having new skills and use better equipment to be more powerful one.

In order to beat the bosses in tiny legends heroes game you will have to try having a team with the other players and managing strategic team combat in the battle arena So each of your team will know the duty during fighting against the bosses
Just join and select 6 different classes which will lead you to 70 floors of nonstop action

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