Gold Coins Cheats in My Army Reloaded iPhone

In, my army reloaded game, you must purchase the body armor power up
At this point, you can try to get the 5X Gold power up firstly before going into battle and going an insanely long distance

My Army Reloaded on iPhone

Always hire a medic to heal your entire team either during in battle or crossing the river.
After reviving your troops remember to always keeping both the body armor and the 5x gold.

Try to earn more coins by buying only the 5X gold, using your skills to get as far as you can, and collecting all of the gold that you can in the process.
Just wait for a while to get the preliminary 400 gold to recoup what you spent on the 5x gold power up in order to get a bigger profit without the multiplier.

Always playing this game daily to get promoted to new ranks so that you can earn more army points quickly.
Get your troops crossed a river to liberate a new territory.

Remember when crossing a new river, but you die before you get there just use a medic to get that money back just from the bonus because of liberating the territory.

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