Gold Coins Bamboo Cheats in Cubie Village on iPhone

In cubie village game, you can get more gold as gold mine has been discovered you will have a hard duty to collect some of it

Cubie Village

All you have to do is digging that gold mine to collect more and more gold coins
By digging deeper you will overtake the highest score and receive more items in this game

You have to try so hard in growing bamboos to build houses for some good-natured little people.
Protect your bamboo from panda and rabbit that want to eat it

Your bamboo will be the emerald-looking which will be attracted large numbers of aspiring pandas, as well as sneaky rabbits who would dart away with fresh shoots.
So you have to rally up and protect your bamboo in the forest and hut

Try to collect all 12 Santa Stockings and get Christmas present then try to win festival gifts.
Five maps, each of which comes with special features will be your guidance to do so

Tips to make bamboo shoot combinations to fill the board and castle in cubie village
You have to match three or more same items to produce an advanced item, and build a prosperous village

You can combine three bamboo buds to make a bamboo shoot so that three bamboo shoots to make a bamboo until you have filled the board with houses and castles.

You have to try various combinations to build your dream city then challenge the highest score in golden town.

You can have more 10 types of plants, animals and buildings infinite combinations for your house decoration

Note that jumping pandas and rabbits will try to block your progress.
So you have to outwit these invaders, and destroy them with the shovel. Just catch the rabbit thefts, and sure, please remember to pick up gold coins on the ground
By doing so you will have the chance to find hidden gold coins

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