Gold Coins Crystals Cheats in Lies of Astaroth on iPad

In lies of astaroth game, gold coins and crystals are the main currencies of this game where you can get them freely by logging in the game everyday to claim the Gold Coins, MagicTickets or high-level Cards as rewards

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You can then use Gold Coins to purchase a Starters Kit in the store which will come with 5 cards, ranging from 1 star to 3 stars.

After the clearance of the assigned scenario you will receive an amount of Crystals to be used to purchase more powerful Cards and Energy.

Try to enhance cards to get crystals as a reward so you have just need to enhance any 4-star or above card to Level 5.

By doing so if you buy the Crystals for the first time, you can get extra 15% of the Crystals in return.
You can also use Crystals to purchase a Magic Pack in the store that contains 5 cards ranging from 2 stars to 5 stars in each pack.

Try to pass the last level on Easy excluding the Hidden Level to open up the maps maze in the starting on
You can only get up into the final layer when you find the stairs and kill the guards within several layers in each Maze.
You have to clear away the fog by exploring the Maze as the most of maze is covered by thick fogs.

Each level in this game will be divided into three levels of difficulty.
You have to pass the Easy level first before you can challenge the next level.

Then you have also to beat your opponent in order to get into the Easy level.
Afterward you have to meet the specified criteria while battling a more formidable opponent in order to pass on Medium or Hard level.

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