Dragon Items Cheats in Mighty Wardens on iPhone

In mighty wardens game, you will play as a renegade Knight of the Old Guard or a Claw’s Clan Druid, versatile Battle Mage or deadly Assassin.

So join this game to involve in the pvp battle mode with multiplayer team online
As a chosen knight you will have to forgotten forests and shattered lands to find and fight against dangerous beasts and experience epic boss battles.

Prove your strength and skill with fighting against other Wardens around the world in PvP Arena Deathmatch mode.

When playing this game try to master 4 Wardens up to level 50 including Knight, Druid, Battle Mage and Assassin.

By leveling up your knight you will have to unlock combos ans choose from 15 skills available per class then assign attribute points.

You will be having a battle with other players in combat system.
During having a combat you can cast spells, use abilities, perform special moves to slash everything on your path.

You can also play with friends in up to 3 players online game through Game Center.
Try to team up to 3 players you each of your team will support your fellows, revive them and share powers as a solid team.

There will be more than 60 items to find in the battle arena or when having a journey in this game.
To protect your Warden you will have to wear different weapons, armors, boots and amulets and customize colors of your equipment to match your knight.

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