Krill Cheats to Unlock Mission in Whale Trail iPhone

In whale trail game, you will guide the whale with the trail going as far as you can
In the mean time, you must also gather up blubbles not a typo, racking up your score and earning the currency krill as well.

Whale Trail

You can buy upgrades and power ups which will help you increase your score, and even unlock new missions.
You have to complete a massive amount of missions in order to earn you more krill.
Before playing this game you have to make sure to read the missions menu to see which ones you have not complete yet.

Try to complete as many of missions menu as you can in one round, or you can dedicate entire rounds to one mission.
Note if one of missions requires 484 points that you have to earn all you have to do is to simply do a backflip as soon as you can
Afterward you can let go of the screen as soon as the flip finishes so that you fall straight down and off the stage.

You can purchase the multiplier upgrade first and foremost as you will earn more krill with 1000 points each which also give you 2 krill if you have higher your multiplier.

Try to have higher potential multiplier in order to get faster your score to skyrocket.
If you have an 8x multiplier that you earn from the Goody or that you buy in the krill store, use it right at the beginning of the round when you want to go for massive scores and tons of krill.

You have to wait until you upgrade your multiplier to about 12 times before you upgrade anything else, whereby they will not really make much of a difference in your score or your krill count until you do that.

After having got at least a 12 times multiplier they will add up to make a huge difference.
Note that unlocking the challenge stages is a good way to practice your accuracy and controls for the main stages in which they are far more difficult than the main stage.

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