Legendary Rare Cards Cheats in Legend Cards on iPhone

In legend cards game, you must collect cards scattered about the world and evolve those cards you got together to create stronger cards or new evolutions.

Legend Cards on iPhone

You have to beat your rivals and claim the ultimate “Legendary Cards” as proof of your dominance.
Try to collect a lot of the strongest cards and be the best card legend in the land

Try to complete some quests to earn more cards in legend cards game
In this game quest areas will have many different cards to discover.

Note that during completing the quest every zone has strong bosses waiting you for a battle so try to defeat those bosses in this legend cards game.
By defeating those bosses you can unlock the next zone where more and more cards over 5,000 high quality cards for every user can be discovered and to get them evolved to be the strongest one

Try to aim for a higher rank in the Arena and getting some rare cards during having a battle with the opponents
By going up in ranks in the Arena you will get rare cards as a bonus rewards so you have to struggle for that cards

Note that you will mostly get these cards only in the Arena.
After getting those rare cards you can help close the gap between you and your rivals in this game.

In order to evolve cards to be the most powerful one in legend cards game, you must gather cards scattered in the world then use them together to create stronger cards in card fusion session.

Do an experiment of special combinations of Base and Reagent cards so that that combination will trigger a card evolution when they are fused together.
During evolving process the fusion screen will guide you to which cards trigger evolutions will be.
Note that there will be some cards that can only be collected through evolution only.

You can play this game to normal game modes such as Quest, Battle, Fusion, and Draw Card, “Legend Cards” in some events
Every player holds a lot of limited time events, such as battle competition, single player questing, or team quest or battle events with new sets of cards.
So try to rank high in those events to earn rare cards and special limited time rewards.

You can also get some helps and ally in this game by inviting friends and theirs user id to join
You can add up to 100 in-game friends.
Use the in-game Game Code to invite your friends and earn bonuses for between you and your ally.

By doing this tip you can ask for help and tackle quests and events together.
You can also cooperate with friends and team up against strong boss enemies in the quest journey
You can also complete card collections faster by trading with friends in this legend cards game

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