Lieutenants VIP Pack Cheats in Underworld Empire iPhone

In underworld empire game, you will play as the leader of either a gang, a mafia or a cartel or some other gang with all your squad beside you and ready for the battle against the other

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So you can climb the leaderboard and collect achievements to compete with your friends
Your primary goal is to reclaim the empire that was once in your family.

Before doing so you will need a large number of lieutenants, weapons, vehicles and other goodies, completing a series of jobs, and fighting wars or duels against other gangs.

In order to get free more lieutenants quickly, you will start off with one available lieutenant slot in this game
So you will have try so hard to complete more and more jobs to unlock more and more slots for lieutenants freely.
Firstly you have to go to the Properties menu and buy more and more restaurants so that you can earn more money.
When doing so simply go to the Lieutenants menu and use your cash to buy more lieutenants, including the leaders of other gangs, or especially the more expensive lieutenants.

Before deciding to battle with the other gang you have to choose between invading and dueling wisely.
Declaring a war against other gang will pit all of your gangsters, weapons and armor against all of their gangsters, weapons and armor.

Starting duel will pit only your strongest lieutenant, weapon and armor against their strongest lieutenant, weapon and armor as well.
Thus you can choose duel if your leader is very powerful and your gang is not powerful
You can choose war if your gang is disproportionately loaded and powerful.

Every your gang member can equip one weapon, one gear, and one vehicle
So you can buy one of each for each lieutenant that you have in order to increase their attack and their defense.
Vehicles are important for going to a battle so try to purchase them before attacking other gang.

Simply go to the allies tab and load up on allies as quickly as possible.
Send gifts to your allies and they will be prompted to send you gifts back.

Try to participate in the boss fights as often as possible, because they are an excellent way to increase your experience and level up when you run out of energy.
By defeating the more bosses you will have a chance of getting access to powerful weapons, cars and many more items

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