How to Evolve Cards in Angel Salvation iPhone

Tips to match and get rare color card in angel salvation game ios android
Prepare the right formation before you enter battle.
Have up to only six cards in the battle formation.

Angel Salvation Cheats

Have either two total colors cards that is three cards of each color, or four cards of one color and two cards of the other colors or three total colors with two of each, or something like that

Doing so will make bigger combination attacks and get more damage at the same time.
Remember as your most prominent color has to be the same color as your most powerful and the rarest card, so that you can do a big damage when you make a combo of three combination or more.

You can drag and drop a piece of them to wherever and whenever you want instead of moving it by one or two spaces, drag it around to displace pieces more.

Every pieces moving over will displace by one space. Thus it is possible to completely rearrange the board using one or two spaces, and strategically make it far easier to land a match-4 or match-5 combo.

Have enough speed and foresight to displace enough pieces to actually match 6 in a row.
Doing that action will give you a huge combo attack

Match six white cross pieces in a row to heal almost all of your mana.
With using the same token try to create multiple combos in one turn by displacing enough pieces in order to do massive damage and make battles FAR easier.

Steps to evolve heroes cards and win battle in this game
Evolve your hero cards first into much stronger heroes.
Get level up your hero cards to their maximum experience level by going to the Heroes screen

Then Legions, then tap on a hero. And your hero cards max level will show under their current level. Find them from level 10 for common heroes to level 70 for 3-star rare cards.

After evolving your hero to the maximum level get back to the “Strengthen” tab and go to the “evolve” tab.

Pick the hero with its maximum level then tap it.
Tap “select” to a screen showing you which evolution item you need.
Tap the “Evolve” button to pay the necessary number of coins to evolve your hero.

Always have enough “mana” to fight one battle.
Remember mana costs diamonds and diamonds cost money.
Waiting for 10 minutes for 1 mana then fighting will require 3 more mana

Guides to earn free diamond in this game
Try to complete and beat the daily events that pop up in the upper right hand corner to get free diamonds.
Get strong enough cards to win the fights in order to get free diamonds.
Beat a whole world with five quests to get bonus diamonds.
Always login daily to earn free diamonds.

Steps to refill mana fast in this game
Try to gain an experience level to restore all of your mana.
Try to use the free diamonds you just got to get your mana refilled
Just wait for it to fill back up if you are not close enough to a level up.

Some procedures to get heroes card and help points quickly in this game
Try to add as many friends in the game in order to choose your leader card when they go on quests so that you get the help points because your leader helped them out.

Try to set one of your cards’ maximum levels with the highest maximum level as your leader card.
Go to play quests to earn more standard hero cards to be added to your legion.

Go to your legion page and go to “strengthen” to use all of your excess hero cards in order to strengthen only the leader card.
Try to earn 200 help points to get the price to summon a new hero

Remember as the heroes you can summon are better than the ones that you can earn during the quests.
Try to play the normal quests as they are the easiest to beat so it will be the easiest to earn more hero cards.

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