Megabuck Coins Water Cheats in Megapolis on iPhone

In megapolis game, megabucks and coins are the main currencies of this game in that you can get free megabucks by having to sync the game between your iOS or Android device and Facebook account.

megapolis iphone helphint

After connecting this game on both devices you will receive 5 free megabucks.
Afterward you will meet an offer on the Facebook side of the game that will give you 15 free Megabucks by clicking the “Free Solar Energy” button on the quest side.
Besides you can also collect bucks for gaining an experience level in this game.

Try completing quests one after the other and collect the rewards as well
All you have to do is just doing the “time cheat” in the mobile version of the game before you sync it up with Facebook as this stops working if you sync the game with it.

Just go to the game
Simply set a bunch of contracts to go
Go to the time in your phone
Now set the time ahead by at least the same amount of time.
Afterward go back to the game to collect your coins.
You can sell any gifts you get especially expensive gifts like Ice Towers in order to get some free coins quickly.

You can purchase various types of water towers under the “resources” tab of the store.
These resources tab will include a number of water towers including the water tower, improved water tower, strengthened water tower, and the modern water tower
Every water tower will provide you with more energy than the last.

In getting energy in this game you have to build a wind turbine, solar power plant, a thermal power plant, a nuclear power plant 2 or a nuclear power plant in resources tab
Note that every of those elements is more expensive, but it will give you more energy.

You can also have water and energy by purchasing them with megabucks
On the other side you can keep increasing your experience levels until you unlock each one of the turbines and towers then spend the coins necessarily to buy each one of them.

Inviting and adding a lot of people to your friends list will also give those items but if you play on a mobile platform you have to connect to Facebook to do this.

Afterward simply start adding some players who play the game
You can find more them on the Megalopolis official Facebook page and comments on posts and add them as your neighbors.

You can also send each other various power plants and water towers as gifts so they will usually give same feedback as you do.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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