Meowbux Spins Cheats in Bread Kittens iPhone

In bread kittens game, you may find that after battling with the other cats, your cat will run out of hit points and you have to rest in order to regain it.

bread kitten tricks

In order to refill hp quickly, just follow these instructions
Go to your iPhone’s time settings
Just set the time ahead by about an hour
Note you can set it depending on how high their maximum hit points are.
Try to set an hour ahead for your hit points to recover or to fully recover.
After doing so go to the game again to check that your hit points will be completely filled up.
Next you have to go back to the time settings and set the time back to normal again.
Now, play Bread Kittens, and the hit points that you recovered in the process of doing this will remain recovered.
Keep doing so if you want some more hit points

When fighting battles in the coliseum, try to send in the kitten with the highest rarity and the highest stats while equipping them with the best bread you have got.

In order to get the super attack filled up faster you have to stop the meter in the gold every time so you can use it to do the most damage possible.
You have to rack up the 2x RP boosts for the best and most frequent chances of getting a victory.

You can do the same thing above when fighting against boss cats that is minus the advice about the 2x RP.
Just wait until their hit points restore, or use the cat food bowls to restore your hp quickly in order to get full strength to battle the boss cat.

While breading the kittens go to your cat list in the lower left icon with your cat party, check the stats of the new cat to see if it’s more powerful than the other cats in your current party.
Switch out cats as often as you need and make sure to equip the new cats with the bread that the old cats had.

In order to collect free spins at the Siamese Slots you can do iPhone time trick as explained in the point a above
After using your spins, set the phone ahead 9 hours to get another free spin.
You can repeat this action as many times to get more and more spins.

In order to catch a cat, you have to throw bread at it, and trap its head in the load of bread that you throw.
You have to use the bakery as often as possible to ensure that you have a steady and large supply of capture bread.

It is for preparation when coming across an uncommon or rare cat as they have a much lower percentage chance of being captured by bread than the common or not uncommon cats do.

In addition, it will be useful to have a catch kitten to make it easier to catch rarer cats.
You can use the cow on level 33 at the moment as you can lower the wild kittens hp without too much danger of finishing it accidentally.
It has a low attack but a lot of health points so it can take a beating without collapsing while you try to bread the wild one.
If you have it unlocked, just try to equip your catch kitty with a catch rate bread
It will be useful on a single, high-level cat with low attack points.

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