Money Bucks Cheats in NFL Shuffle on iPad Mini

In nfl shuffle game, you must get cash to mentor your players before taking part in many leagues events such as gridiron competition one.
The gold is usually used to get all of the good stuff such as the premium card packs.

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If you play more of them in both modes, you will have more cash to be won as a reward bonus.
Note that you will win one cash reward in versus mode, and two cash rewards which is one for each half in season mode
Eventhough when you go into overtime, you will still win another cash reward for the game.

By taking part in playing both in season and versus modes you will also get silver ball drops and gold ball drops randomly during games.
Get hurry to claim your prize at the end of a particular game in which there will be a cash prize oftentimes.
Getting a silver cash prize means 1,000 bucks, and getting a gold cash prize means 3,000 bucks.

Simply sell some of your cards that you do not use in your starting lineup for cash money.
By doing so it will help you get a lot of money, though, that you should not need to do this in order to make more money.

You have to win more gold by getting the silver or gold drops
Sometimes you will win free gold from one of them, especially when there are no events going on

However when there are events, all you will win half the time is event card tickets.
Try to complete goals to win gold at random so you have to focus on what your goals are and complete them in order to win free gold.

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