Money Stars Cheats for Stardom Hollywood iPhone

In stardom hollywood game, cash is the premium currency that you can use to get what you need
Here, you will work at Starbeans and do film projects in order to get a lot of cash.

stardom hollywood walkthrough

Starbeans will give you more money than the film projects, especially if you work a longer shift
Working on film projects will earn you money and more fans.
Completing certain achievements and awards also earn you more cash

You can get free cash or free stars by tapping on the “plus” sign next to either your cash counter or stars counter then tapping on the button that says free cash or free stars.

By doing so will guide you a large offer wall with a bunch of free offers to be completed for cash or stars.

You can only do the same offer once so make your choice wisely when it comes to which currency you want to collect.

By having more stars you can make a charm upon people to do things for you such as go on dates with bigger celebs and negotiate better deals for condominiums.

Try getting free stars by gaining experience levels, or by completing certain achievements and awards. Just tap each one and scroll through the list to figure out which ones you want to complete, and how to complete them

Some bonuses that you will get in this game based upon how many stars you earn on either a shift, a date, or when you are filming a commercial, show or movie.

If you earn 5 stars, you earn by far the biggest bonus, with smaller bonuses attached to 4 stars, and barely any bonus attached to earning three stars.

You can only complete most other activities and every single film project with having more energy
And experience points are required in order to gain levels and unlock more locations.

You can set a reminder on your phone when running out of energy in the middle of doing a film project or a date

By doing so is also to remind you to finish the job before time runs out but when you get your energy back.
You will gain an experience level after getting a full regeneration.

Do many things whether doing film projects or working at Starbeans
However you have to maximize your experience points by getting a five star review on everything that you do

In order to get five stars you have to do a task before it is done, and get free “stars” in your film projects by getting all of the lines in the script right.

Try to go on dates with celebrities is a great way to get experience points quickly.
Completing goals, achievements and awards are also a great way to speed up the gain of experience points, and of energy as well.

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