Money Robots Cheats in Gismonauts on iPhone

In this game, just build a Baby Bot Station firstly before creating a new robot where they can be incubated until they are ready for deployment.

Gismonauts Cheats

After building a facility, tap on it then click the Buy Bot icon.
Once your robot is ready for deployment, just tap on the station, select Deploy then choose its new home

Remember as the Baby Bot Station can only incubate so many robots at a time.
Try to spend your crystals to upgrade your station facilities or build an extra station so that you can add further bots.

Just these instructions to get more money in this game
During playing for the long-term, it definitely pays to invest in Mines and Mining Robots early
Because of having mines and mining robots they will generate and will continue to generate so that a great flow of cash for your later-game expansion will also can be yours.

When placing a new facility on the ground and its shadow is red, that means there is something in the way.
Just clear some of the rubble and shrubbery from the floor, or expand outwards by selecting the Expand option from the marketplace.
Always remember that the tiles number allowed to own at any one time is connected to your current level.

Just feed your robots with product created by the Snax Shacks.
Some foods will need to take longer to produce than others, but it will give a greater leveling bonus to the robot.

Remember that there is at least one Snax Shacks for every two robots on the planet.
Afterward just try to level robots up in order to get more money so that in the long-run there will be a huge pay-off for developing them as much as possible.

Beside you can buy more land after leveling up your robots
To level up you robot you have to build more facilities and deploy new robots so that you will get XP points as a reward.
Grab enough of these then you will level higher and higher and open up new building and robot options.

When running out of expansion space try to stay alert of the Goals section of the interface.
This will give you new objectives to work towards and taking part in this session will give you some great cash bonuses as a reward as well.

Just click on the Friends interface button at the bottom of the screen.
By doing so you can either visit someone through the Facebook tab, or visit a stranger’s land.
After having been transported, be sure to click on the buildings as to get more cash as a reward.
Remember as it will be a great and very easy way to make some emergency money

In this game you can both sell and move awkwardly placed facilities.
By doing so you will be able to get a free up space for more profitable ventures
Remember that you can also move facilities around the screen with the Move command without spending money.

Look at the market section to view the role of each robot by clicking on them individually
Besides they also have an icon telling you at a glance where they should be deployed.
That will be in the top-right hand corner of the portrait, and its worth will familiarize yourself with the different types.

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