Power Coins Cheats in Age of Myth iPhone

Age of Myth is based upon the enchanted and legendary world of Greek mythology which allow you to participate in some of the biggest mythological names in history

Age of Myth on iPhone

Here, just choose characters such as Apollo, Hercules, and Zeus then battle like in the past ancient legends.
You can also select three distinctive heroes who will lead your journey of attempting to conquer the “Age of Myth” of Greek mythology

There will be 30 challenging levels in that you will be able to face and to master each hero’s characteristics as well.
Besides you also have to learn the best way to deal with each enemy that you meet along the way through this game

All you have to do is to give a protection to your ground then construct an impenetrable defenses and base in order to prepare your next attack on your enemy.

After defeating your enemy successfully you can share achievements to your friends through the in-built Twitter and Facebook sharing functions in which they will know what you got through every level in this game.

This game also offers some 30 varied levels which allow you travel through Greek mythology
Some system of weapons and skill upgrades will be the most part that you have to have to strengthen your character
You can also get to battle with powerful Gods and and smell Greek legends as the popular history

In order to get unlimited coins and power in this game, you can follow these tips
Download UDID Faker from Cydia
Close the game even from multitask
Get the file unzipped then put it in “/var/mobile/Applications/AgeOfMythology/Documents/” on age of myth game installed on phone device
Open UDID Faker then change the UDID for AOM to this: b7aa142fd7f94d8491d61ab7cfc2d2310885fa18
Now launch and play the game again
You should have unlimited power and gold coins for now

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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