Prestige Cheats to Unlock Buildings in Townsmen on iPhone

In Townsmen, Prestige is the premium currency that you can use to unlock buildings, or you can use them to instantly build any building in your inventory.

Townsmen on iPhone

Tips to get more prestige in townsmen game
More Prestige can immensely speed up the game itself while the app is open.
Tap the plus sign next to the Prestige counter
Do not click on the small package, medium package or awesome package
Just click on the “Free Prestige” button.
Just pick and choose which ones among free offers you want to complete in order to earn free Prestige.

Thaler is the main currency in order to gather a ton of resources in the game that you can collect with this trick.
Build more townhouses to collect Thaler.
Trade your excess resources for more Thaler to build a marketplace.
Build a warehouse to hold more resources as more resources can be traded for loads of Thaler, especially for having a lot of mines such as a gold deposit then build a mine near it.
Build the toolmaker’s workshop
Build the mine and the sawmil to earn more Thaler by putting a Tax Collector in your city.

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