Rare Cards Gems Cheats in Magnus Ignis on iPhone

In magnus ignis game, you play as a king who is in control of gods, heroes and monsters, and complete your goal
Then, you must complete quests and battle other players in order to accomplish the goal and earn cards such as vanguard and rear guard cards in this game

Magnus Ignis Cheats

During completing your quests try building the best deck of cards as possible as you can.
Try to get cards in the battle mode as this is the formations key to winning in card battle

You have to manage your three rows of battle cards, with vanguard and rear guard cards then organize your formations to predict how many advantages you get in battle.

In order to set the best formation in card battling you have to get all of your cards crowded into two rows rather than to have cards in all three roads while giving up the third row by putting no cards in it.

To win in card battle in magnus ignis game, just go to the Deck menu when getting more attack and defense card points and auto set your formation
Note that get one of the rows emptied then put the cards into the other two rows, and save it.
In order to win the battle you just need to win two out of three rows and always do this tricks practically for having a victory.

To evolve cards in this game, just power up your cards you have to evolve them first
Remember that if you have two of the same rare card or highly rare card try to resist the temptation to evolve them immediately.
Do this before you get a good stock of rare cards then put both of them in your deck.

You need to evolve your cards if auto setting your deck only sticks one or neither of them in there.
To get the most powerful cards try to evolve all your common cards to the maximum rank as soon as possible.
After evolving a good number of cards to the maximum rank, you will have a great power to beat most of your adversaries in battle easily.

Just use gems and potions to buy rare cards in the market but only do this if it is necessary
If you do not want to spend your valuable gems try to find the other players who want to trade their rare cards in exchange for gems, so they can be easy pickings if you have leftover potions and gems.

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