Rare Cards XP Points Cheats in Guardian Cross iPhone

Tips to get friends points in guardian cross game ios android
Get your friend points to maximum by going to the social menu to load and add many friends.

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Go to the treasure box icon to accept all of the friend point gifts for adding them
Go back to the social menu again to unfriend them then add a whole new batch of friends to get even more friend points

Repeat that action to get more and more friends points
Just tap on a person or monster that you have already beaten in battle in order to fight them again as it will give you the amount of experience points.

Tricks to get rare cards and level up them in this game
Get rare cards by sending anyone that does not play the game with yor invite id
Try to invite them to sign up using your ID in order get limited edition or rare cards.
Fight in the Coliseum then place very high to win a rare card as a prize.
Try to place first in the Coliseum to win a 5-star card, such as Leviathan.
Always keep checking the events that are currently happening in the game.
Collect cards through ways of hunting and coliseum battles.
Try to get silver slimes to help level up your cards
Get three-star cards in the hunting courses by using all of your free hunts and your hunting tickets.

Get a special hunting ticket either by paying 1,500 friend points by having more friends and staging mock battles against your friends or from random drops as you beat enemies in the quests and the subquests.

Try to have up to 10 cards in your active party, both in the quests and in the coliseum.
Find rare guardians in the normal hunting range by buying a ton of normal hunting tickets and using them.

Go to the regular ranges then keep your rare guardians then use any excess common guardians that you do not need when combining cards to power up the rare ones.

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