Rare Cards Cheats in Fantasica iPhone

In fantasica game, you can get free premium rare cards by logging in the game daily
You can also get these additional card packs using Brave Points which are earned by sending Brave Points to your allies.

Fantasica Cheats

Buy premium card packs using MobaCoins.
Go through a training session get experience, new cards, and luna.
Find up to four different cards during training session including the rarer card.

Enhance cards to increase the stats of your units.
Get luna during battle to enhance the cards.
Just earn a free rare card by trading in premium ticket you got from a special event.
Just spend brave points on a normal card pack or get your usual free one daily to have a chance at getting a premium or rare card.

Try to buy more rare card packs with those aforementioned Fanta Points
Try to find a list of three players with 5-star cards at the bottom of the Card Pack page.
And try to get rare cards from them by having a very nice trade package with them or with any other player with a rare card.

Find rare cards or very powerful cards in excellent trade bait.
And find William the Hunte as an excellent trade bait on episode 2 of training.
He takes about a 3 or 4 card sacrifice as an enhancement, and he becomes very powerful, very quickly.

Complete a level in the quest mode to get score a 100% victory to earn your Luna in which you have to kill all of the monsters in that level to earn a relatively sizable amount of Luna.

Earn large amounts of Luna through battle mode but make sure first you have a team that is strong enough to defeat the monster cards that other players have as their defenders.

Get a small amount of Luna if you come across a monster and kill them.
Complete one full episode of training and kill the boss to earn a very large quantity of Luna.

Get more Luna by selling any unit cards that you do not need.
Get Fanta Points to buy time elixirs and rare card packs.
Try to earn more Fanta Points by buying them with real money.

Select your leader card to send your troops into battle.
Add any friends who are playing the game to be your allies then call them to assist you in battle.
Make sure to place your allies where they will be able to do the most damage.

Tap on the deploy unit button located at the bottom left of the screen to know the monsters.
The wolves and goblins will be just deployed by more melee units. But flying creature needs ranged units, such as missile and/or magic users.
Make sure to speed up the speed rank of your units in order to attack and to face numerous monsters quickly.
Power up your monster cards for defense

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