Rare Cars Trophy Cheats in Car Town Street on iPhone

If you want to win car race in car town street game, you must load up on cars taking to Rusty’s Rescue.
If you have more money try to use Special Bucks to speed things needed.
Having them rescue one at one time and add them all to your team.

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Having a solid team is quite necessary as winning a race requires not just a team with a ton of points, but an actual well rounded team.
You have to try to finish first so that it will give you a chance of getting points and leading to a victory

The player with the most total racing points at the end of a race will win the whole thing.
So that you get your better off with two rare cars and common cars than with three extra rare cars filling up your team.

Just start upgrading every one of your other team members in both the offense and defense team in order for them winning first.
To get more battle you have to start ignoring the last four team members and/or placing cars in your team that use VERY little gas such as the BMW Isetta or the Fiat Nuova 500 D.

Start racing against the lowest level players with the least amount of gasoline in 40 as being the lowest. Keep doing this until you collect the first six trophies and unlock an extra rare car.

In order to unlock the rare car you can kick a weaker car out of your offense and defense teams.
Try to get more cars is to search various areas and bring them to Rusty’s Rescue shop and try to complete trophy collections to have the best cars.

Note that offense gas is needed to run these cars in races but defense gas is absolutely needed to defend yourself against other players who challenge you in races.

Before closing the game try to send a long term parts job so that the next time you play you will collect a massive amount of parts, which you can then use to upgrade your cars.

However not to upgrade one single car but do an upgrade to your entire team proportionally using all of your parts, so that they can all score higher positions in each race.

In doing so you have to make sure to have at least one empty space in your storage at all times.
By doing so you can salvage the treasure car and turn it into one of your own when a pile of junk pops up in your city that will be a treasure car as this will be the top ways of getting more cars without spending any cash.

In order to get trophies to beat other racers in the Grand Prix with selecting racers from a list by what trophy they have that you want.
To win the race and to get trophy just sending out your offense team against them but you have to get more overall racing points first and you have to shore up your defense team as well.

Note that the best offense is a good defense when getting a battle with the other player
If you want to get more trophies in a shorter period of time by having more gas to use every time when getting a new gas, use it on your offense instead of your defense.

Doing so will give you a chance to play the grand prix far more often so that you can earn more trophies.
After completing of six trophies, you have to unlock a rare or legendary car and add it to tour stable.
When being in Rusty’s Rescue Service, go to the ‘find cars’ menu to go hunting for another car to fix.
So when going to any area and search for cars, you often find at least half of the trophies that you need. So keep searching to get more trophies

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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