Gold Coins Cheats in Montopia on iPhone

Tips to get and train monsters to get victory in the battle in montopia game ios android
In this game, try to get crew mates first to explore around the islands, discovering monsters and treasures in the process, and build up your own team of monsters for battle against other players and big bosses.

Montopia on iPhone

To get more crew mates is just check out the menu, hit the button search for similar level, then add each person playing in the game.

After doing so reload the page then send requests to everybody else too
Keep repeating that action many times till getting crew mates.

Try to send out more invites than your max to get your crew filled up faster, and even to continue filling as you gain levels.

After sending a poke invitation to everybody that you add, go to the MonstaMatic to start spending your Monsta Points on loading up on monsters.

You do not need to put any attack or defense decks together as the game automatically does that action for you based on your maximum attack spirit and defense spirit.

Try to get a large amount of monsters used as multi-fusion fodder or as fusion fodder in general
To do that action just go to the explore area and get back to the beginning of the Sunnydale Road on Balmy Island then start questing

Thus there costs only 2 spirit points a piece to do that is giving you more steps, meaning a better shot at landing more monsters

Try to search wander the land to collect the rest and fuse some to make unforeseen creations then try to fight big brawls.

Remember as every step you take will go to a unique background earning coins, opening chests, discovering new monsters, and fighting battles.

When you are in each section of the special gem, the reward prize is the advancement to the next zone and ownership over the monster represented by each unique stone.

Just select a dedicated tab from the main menu to tweak your party and go to the fray many times for getting the chance of earning missing gem pieces without expending health points during the battle on this game.

Get dino bros gifts to earn 10 silver cards, 5 herbs, 100000 coins, 5 helps, and 5 fragment savers.
p. Try struggling to excel in Montopia by unlocking monsters sealed in treasure chests so that it will release all monsters to train

Just breed to battle monsters with others and to help them evolve then collect over 400 monsters to fill your Monstapedia that is the sacred monster encyclopedia.

Search and find help of Milly who is your childhood friend to save the day and bring peace and harmony back to Montopia.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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