How to Get Rare Stars Cards in MLB Full Deck iPhone

In mlb full deck game, you will be assigned to collect some cards that will come along with certain levels of rarity of players

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Common players make up most of them and uncommon that will be one star players, rare players in two star, star players in three star, super star players in gold three star, or limited edition or LE cards.

Try to always win the games to get uncommon and rare cards
Note that the standard player pack and the daily free player pack will give you uncommon cards and rare cards frequently.

You can also buy a silver player pack to have rare cards, or a gold player pack will buy you at minimum a rare card.

When buying a golden player pack, you have a much better chance at getting a star card and a superstar card as well.

Just invite friends under the social menu to get some rare cards easily.
Adding 15 friends will give you an uncommon card.
Adding 25 friends will give you a rare card
Adding 50 friends will give you another rare card.
Adding 75 friends will give you a superstar card.

When adding friends you will also get gems bonus for buying even more silver and gold packs to get even more rare cards.

Remember that Limited Edition cards can be found during limited time events indicated by the ! button on the main screen.
So just tap it, to get the event pop up.

If you have a slim chance at earning Limited Edition cards simply by buying silver or gold packs, with a higher chance of earning them from gold packs than from silver packs.
Then check that button while going to more events which can earn you the rarest of rare cards.

When getting rare and star players, sometimes the game will not automatically add them to the roster when you autofill the lineup.
So it is better to change out the lineup manually, position by position.

Start with the pitchers as they will affect the entire game.
When getting a card as a bonus just go back to the Manage Roster screen, and hit the Autofill button to automatically fill your roster with the best available players.

Also do this every time that you start a new game in which you will have the strongest possible players in your current starting lineup.

Just skip the training on common cards, and train only rarely on uncommon cards.
Try to save your training for cards such as the rare, superstar and limited edition cards as they will more earn points for their rating than the common and uncommon cards.

Try to invite other players in the social area of the game to get a bonus.
Connecting with Facebook will give you 100 free diamonds.

Adding friends on Facebook will give you bonuses including silver coins to superstar cards and loads of free diamonds.

Try to post your friend code on the Apple App store to get people to see it, as well as on message boards run by GREE and other MLB Full Deck message boards.

Try to get more coins by selling some of your cards.
Just go to the Roster screen, tab over to the sell cards tab and start selling some of them.

Try to pick someone who is level 10 or higher rather than taking the easy temptation of picking a level 3-5 player to challenge in pvp battle.

Just take the players skills into account first when a situation comes up in the season mode whereby you have to choose between either a contact or a power swing.
If the player has higher power, do a power swing
If their contact hitting is higher, do a contact swing.
If they are the same or almost the same, you will still usually have better results doing a contact swing.

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