How to Get Rarer Cards in NFL Shuffle iPhone

In nfl shuffle game, all you will do is to get more of the high grade cards such as getting more and more silver and gold card packs.
To get them, you can play a lot of season and versus games whereby using up all of your season and versus energy, and earning silver balls and gold balls appearing randomly.

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By getting more of the silver and gold balls you will have chances to collect a silver or gold card pack.
Those cards in the silver and the gold packs will give you a slim chance of earning the high grade cards, although gold card packs have a higher chance to collect.

IN order to get more gold you have to complete goals or by having it from silver and gold balls so that with 250 gold you can use it to buy a premium card pack.
With having a premium card pack you can have a guaranteed grade 4 or higher card in which it will make the single best way to get those rare cards.

You can log into the game everyday to get a new card
If you want to get rare cards keep doing so you will have more chances to collect the more rare cards.
Just log in every day until day 5 in order to get a grade 6 card.
As a result you will still earn high grade cards everyday.

Try to join and play in the limited time events such as the Gridiron event because these events events usually have better rewards than the main portions of the game including getting more high grade cards that you can win and then add to your team.

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