How to Get More Resources in The Hobbit Kingdoms Middle Earth iPhone

In the hobbit kingdoms middle earth game, you can get more resources through your resource collecting buildings.

kingdom middle earth hints

For the dwarves
farms will provide foodumber
mills provide wood
quarries provide stone
mines produce ore.

For the elves
farms provide food
arboretums provide wood
quarries produce stone
ore veins provide ore.
Note that you are be able to build all resources per race in the field view, but the space is limited to build them.

Therefore you have to gain experience levels first in order to increase the amount of spaces.
If you build an even number of each one of them you will get an even number of all of them
However you will be running through a particular resource more quickly than the others

So that just try to build an even number of each one of the resources first
After building those resources each one will produce a specific amount of the specified resource hourly. Because of this you have to upgrade them to increase the amount of wood, food, ore and stone which you can gain per hour.

Note that every time you add a new resource building, or upgrade a resource building, you will automatically increase your maximum capacity for that particular resource.
And if you a build a vault, you can protect resources from being plundered by other players when they attack your kingdom.

Try Arbors to increase your wood production by 10% during doing a research with it.
Try Masonry to increase stone production by 10 percent
Try Smelting to increase ore production by 10 percent
Try Fertilizer to increase food production by 10 percent per level.
In addition, just go to the Great Hall and assign a hero to Production to have your production of all resources increase by 1%.

A mountain will increase your ore production
A Woods will increase your wood production
A Hills will increase your stone production.
Remember that if you conquer a Plains, you will have the first thing that you need in order to get a Second City or a third, or fourth city, based upon how you are advanced in the game Besides it will allow you to build new resource collecting buildings and start the whole process all over again.

During raiding them you have to send plenty of supply troops as well as attack troops, so that when your attack troops defeat opposing troops, your supply troops can loot resources from the camps or kingdoms that you are attacking.

After completing a quest, go back to the Quest tab to claim your prize for each one of your completed quests.
Afterward make sure to play Gollums Riddle twice daily for a shot at either a large resource prize, or increased resource production.

In addition just tap on the shield icon to spend Mithril, in which it will take you to the Buffs menu
By doing so you can purchase either a Wood Rune, Food Rune, Stone Rune or Ore Rune or minor versions of all of these in order to boost production of the resources.

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