How to Get Royal Points Castle Story iPhone

In castle story game, just find the wall decorations in which it contains the original items that you can get to increase royal points and also offer the least royal points.

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Get also royal type decorations but you can only unlock them starting at level 9.
Try to start purchasing royal buildings from the shop and placing them around your kingdom as this is the best bet for earning enough royal points to unlock all of the best expansions.

Try to get more coins, including getting them from the aforementioned royal buildings.
Farmhouses are the best of all that will give 70 coins every 10 minutes while costing only 500 coins apiece to build. As you continue to gain levels you will continue to unlock more houses.

Try to to put all of your effort into completing quests.
Speed up your quest completion by maximizing the number of workshops that you have in your kingdom.

Get rid of useless decorations such as walkways and cobblestone paths in order to make room for more workshops and other buildings in your castle.

Just start wasting energy and they will appear randomly in order to make more skunkupines appear in order to complete quests.
Do this by cutting down trees or digging up rock outcroppings.

Try to earn a lot of coins quickly by loading up on farmhouses.
The best way to complete quests quickly is to maximize the number of workshops that you have, so that you can craft as many items as you want to.
If you only have one or two workshops at a time, quests will take much longer to complete.

Pay attention in a quest pop up with a task in some other game that TeamLava makes in order to get a reward.

If you download the game and complete this task you will get another menial task to complete, the follow up being within Castle Story itself. So that just complete that second task and you will earn a huge amount of gems.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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