Rare Cards Cheats in Lies of Astaroth on iPhone

When playing lies of astaroth game, you see and sort all the cards you have ever won by their classes as they will be your weapons

lies of astaroth cards hints

Then, you can set up the card deck to be used strategically to defeat your enemies.
Each card will have different attributes like fighting skills and combinations.
You have to enhance or evolve those cards to become more powerful to perform in card battles.

When playing this game you will automatically get an unique Invitation Code for every player.
All you have to do is just invite your friends to use your invitation code.

Try to invite 20 new players with your invitation code you will receive a special high-level card. By using your invitation code they will also receive a Magic Ticket which can be exchanged for a card from a Magic Bundle.

Every card has an Attack and HP value and also has 2-3 spells.
Attack refers to the cards Attacking Strength.
HP refers to the cards remaining life.

A new skill or spell will be unlocked when the card reaches Level 5 and again at Level 10.
Active skills or spells will be activated during combat
Passive skills or spells will be activated under certain conditions.

Types of passive skills or spells that is Desperation and Quick Strike.
Desperation skills or spells are activated when the cards HP reach 0, just before it is sent to the cemetery Quick Strike are activated when the card first enters the battlefield.

Before the card will be placed into the preparation zone they will need number of rounds in wait time.
All Cards are divided into 5 levels represented by stars so you have to get more stars to get the quality of the card.

All cards are also classified into 4 classes namely Kingdom, Forest, Wilderness and Hell.
There will be special requirements for the different classes of certain levels in this game.
The card classes will also a key to activate certain runes.

Every card will have a cost and the total COST of all the cards in one deck will not exceed the Hero’s total available cost.
The Hero’s total available COST will increase if each card reaches to level up.
The initial Improve level of each card is 0, and you have to improve it up to 10 in the Improving Lib.

By doing the Improved Level upgrades your card attack and hp will also increase.
At the Improve Level 5 and 10, one Spell will be unlocked for each level.

Note that the avatar will get unlocked after getting a card and improving it to level 5.
Afterward switch the avatar within the System Settings interface.
When reaching Level 25, Meditate will be unlocked.

Every rune in this game has one Spell.
If all of the spells conditions for initiation are met each spell will be activated at the beginning of the players turn.

Runes can only be activated under certain conditions.
So you have to pay attention to the conditions because they may play an important role in how you have to organize your deck.

Try to win some runes while playing through the game.
On the other side you can also win runes through Meditation in the Temples.
In addition you will receive rune scraps through Meditation and exchange Scraps for some Runes within the Temple.

See and sort all the runes you have ever won by their type.
To see the detailed information of every rune just tap on it.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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