Silver Gold Cheats in Ayakashi Ghost Guild iPhone

In order to get silver and gold currency in ayakashi ghost guild game, just follow these steps
Playing the story mode will always earn you more silver.
Try to sell excess daemon cards to earn a bunch of silver

Ayakashi Ghost Guild

Try to complete scroll bonuses relating to catching multiple ghosts of the same type such as phantom, Divina or anima.
These scroll bonuses will earn tens of thousands of silver apiece.

In order to get gold just buy more gold by clicking the menu button.
And go to the item tab, and there will be an option to buy more gold.

In order to get more health just try to do the following actions
Just wait for it to regenerate after gaining an experience level.

If you have ability points left to allocate, wait to allocate them until you are out of health.
You can also use a Remedy to fully restore your health, or a Divine Nectar to restore both health and spirit.

In order to win more cabal chains is to trade silver apples for cabal chains using the barter button inside the menu tab so that you will be able to trade for a number of items and daemons.
Cabal chains cost only ten silver apples each, making them one of the less expensive items in that particular store.

The more cabal chains that you have, you will be able to use them on increasingly rarer ghosts that you come across in the story mode.

In order to get more silver apples is to log in every single day after you download the game in order to earn one single silver apple.
However, every Saturday and Sunday that you log in, you will earn two silver apples instead.

In order to earn Special Summon tickets is to invite someone else to the game using your invitation ID. Send the ID to someone else, then once they complete the tutorial, you will earn a free special summon ticket.

Try to achieve 100 percent completion on one chapter of the story mode.
To do this, go to a specific story in the chapter, then keep investigating until you earn all 4 of the prizes either daemons or sealstones that you can win during investigations.

Do this for every story in each specific chapter until you earn all different types of chapter bonuses and increase the completion percentage to 100 percent.

After doing so go to the main page and go to the notifications, and you will have a completion bonus notification in order to collect your prize.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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