Soul Points Cheats in Dark Summoner on iPhone

In dark summoner game, you can get a daily bonus of experience, gold and honor points once per day when you collect stamps.
Therefore, just login to the game once per day to continue collecting these stamps for better rewards and try to get the victory in the fight to get XP, Gold, and Honor points.

Dark Summoner on iPhone

While playing missions, you will often come across boss characters that you will need to defeat before moving on.
You will need to complete various phases in order to defeat the boss ultimately and gain a nice reward.

After winning the fight against a boss, you will then have to head back to the main home screen in order to collect and use any rewards gained.
Just tap on the Menu button, then on Allies if you want to ally with friends to earn extra bonuses in battle.
Then simply enter in your friends Player ID to earn bonuses using them.

Simply go into your inventory and select use to use a dark trap
How do u get ep with out paying for it. Get free ep without paying for it by doing quests, selling cards or using battle point to get high battle ranks

If you get 2 profiles add those profiles as allies a lot to get five points for each time
When you add the points you only can add them to the battle point not energy because
If you add energy and remove the allies by doing this glitch it will get rid of the energy but it will not get rid of the battle points

Try another way to get 900 battle points or over
Make sure you get a two different profiles in ipod or phones and on one profile
Try to add an allies preferably to the one you will not use besides this
Try to add the points you get from it to the battle points as if you add the points on energy they will go away but the battle points will remain there
Just keep removing the allies with the one you will not play and keep adding him as simple as is in order to get 900 battle points or more

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