Stars Fangs Cheats in Stardom The A List on iPhone

In stardom the a list game, you are tasked to get stars and xp as fast as you can
Just tap the mirror where it says “See which bloody glove fits”
Take 2 energies in order to get 2 stars

Stardom The A List on iPhone

Look at a dot over the couch, “Accuse the butler” in which it takes 1 energy to give you a chance to get 3 stars.

Afterward a “Act innocent” will appear in that it also takes 1 energy and gives 3 stars for you.
Now for a while in seconds, and the first one by the mirror will come up again so that you can do it all over.

In order to get energy for free just go to the time and setting then change the time ahead an hour or so
In order to get free xp money and energy Try to tap Brockwillow that will be birds, cars, trees, newspaper box, trash cams Apartment

If you have a pet, the mouse at the end of the house, the lamp over your couch Armies mug, trash can Cromtown same as Brock willow Bar the pool table money slot

So just try to go around to different stores and places tap signs, security cameras, pictures, trash cans, bottles, drinks then you name it.

Tap on both of the dancers in the cages of club coco and mr.sushi at different times.
Tap on the beer bottle on the ground next to the orange palm tree
Tap on the beer bottle on the bar table of mr.sushi
Tap on the podium in front of mr.sushi
Tap on the giant pink cat chief in side
Tap on the hanging lantern in front of the golden dragon
Tap on the Chinese cat on the counter that is near the dragons tail
Tap on the golden dragons nose

Also remember if your partner breaks up with you, simply do a movie together to have a relationship as it used to be

In order to get more fans in stardom a list just do the following actions
First buy a hair for six charm as a cost so that it will get you fans.
Just wait for a while, go back to wardrobe and change to a seven charm hair but do not buy it
Then change something else in your wardrobe like a shirt or your face.
Afterward just go back to your original six charm hair and save.

Try to purchase the nurse dress and the set when in Halloween marathon week so that your fans would be doubled up

Actually the fangs only come in use for effect purpose and the green stars that you get will act as a plus 1 to the blue stars that you get while filming.
So, when you get a green star you will also get 1 more blue star.
The fangs only give us one extra green star per action.

To get a publicist in stardom a list game just follow these steps
Try to talk to Arnie
Charlene is the only publicist available on the game.
She will contact you to let you know when you have been nominated for an award and also call you for other projects, too.
Go to Downhills by tapping the taxi icon next to your door or the cat.
Then, meet Charlene in the sushi restaurant in an animal print coat style.
After talking to her, she will give you 2 projects including movies, commercials to be done
Afterward meet her again in the sushi bar so that she will be your publicist.

You can get free energy in stardom the a list game with these steps
Just go to your phones settings and go to the time
Change the time to a later time. For example, change it to half an hour later
Wait the game to think that half an hour has passes, and will give you half an hour worth of six energy.
One hour is worth twelve energy.

This tip is excellent for flying through a one hour date or production, a one or even four hour Starbeans shift to load up on money, or even longer works you need to do.
Changing the phone clock to a later time will also run down the time that you have to complete a shift, date or project though, so do not go over the time limit by adding too many minutes or hours.

Follow this tip to get free stars in this game
Just gaining levels or completing offers to get free stars come much more quickly.
In order to get five stars on studio related activities just wait until your energy is either full or close to being full to accept the date or job so that you have the best chance possible of getting five stars.

Note that more stars you get, the more fans you earn. And the more hearts on dates, the better the relationship progresses.

Just go to Starbeans and do a four hour shift to get more energy in this game.
For example, if running out of energy and no movies left to shoot try the following actions
Minimize the game or log out of it
Go to the settings menu
Now go to the date and time settings
Just set the time ahead by a small amount of time
A different amount of time depending on whether you are in the middle of a date, Starbeans shift, a shoot, or are just waiting around doing nothing.
Go back to the game and you will have all of your energy get back and calling you for a shoot.

Follow this trick to get money bonus in this game
Just jump out real quick and then run out to Starbeans and complete enough actions to make yourself a little bit of extra money.
Go back to the date location and continue doing date activities until you run out again.
Then go back and do more Starbeans work to make more money.
Keep doing those actions until you finish either one or the other, but try to finish the date first.
Just read the new scripts over and over, and write them down when being at your agents office.
The more of the lines that you get right while doing the shoot the more you will earn as a bonus when you are done.

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