Tickets Cheats in Word Derby on iPhone

In word derby game, just try to enter your best attempt before the timer runs out to get a bonus points reward when creating some words.
Try to make the best use to triple-word scores, double-letter scores and so on.

Word Derby Cheats

Win against a single player when placing bets at the start of each match and get double your money back then you can also try to win against four players to get bonus four times as much.

After getting money you can purchase the various power-ups in the game like buying a bomb to remove the first-letter restriction and buying a boost to catch up with a distant opponent, or buying a word hint to get a little bit too much like outright cheating for our money.
You can even buy new characters if you fancy a cosmetic change on the racecourse.

Note that you have a lot of vocabulary in mind as your best weapon then simply saddle up and challenge up to three friends to turn-based multiplayer races or even four players can compete or go head-to-head to create the best possible words from a pot of letters.

You have to select your words wisely by picking letters that will earn you the most points.
Try to make words quickly against the clock to take more bonuses.

Try to become the first to 200 points to win the race and earn the derby trophy.
You can use your winnings to unlock characters, buy power-ups, and place bets.

Stand out as you trot down the track by spending your hard-earned tickets on new jockeys such as Bella that is the unicorn-riding princess and Arthur that is the dragon-mounted black knight.

Simply place bets on your rider to get the trophy when racing against Random Opponents.
You can bet up to 200 tickets on each game and earn big bonuses in each race in this game

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