Coins Cheats in Little Masters on iPhone

Tips to get coins free in little masters game ios android
With some coins, you can speed up the process of hatching new monsters and you can purchase more nest space for hatching.

Little Masters on iPhone

So try to make free coins for your little masters game
Go to fight PvE battles against the computer.
Win the battle, catch a monster, and then hatch the egg.

After the monster hatched the egg, go to the monster management screen to sell the monster.
Selling one monster will earn you 1 free coin.
So keep doing that action to get unlimited coins

Go and hatch whatever monster that he asks you to, and you will be rewarded with 5 coins for your efforts.
Go to the PvP that is player vs player battles to earn 2 coins per match that you play and lose.

Just keep fighting with higher-level opponents so that you can earn those coins.
Try to win every PvP match to get 3 coins.

Get five bonus coins from the mystic old man for completing the hatching quest, then simply start tracking as many monsters at a time as possible.
When your uncle and the others find them then fight and win to get their eggs at the end of the battle.

So you can hatch them and sell them right after hatching them to get more coins.
Sell them by tapping on the guy in front of the breeding house to check out your active monster list.
Tap the monster you want to sell, then tap the “menu” button with six dashes and click the “sell” button to get extra coins.

Go to your monster menu then add a whole bunch of really weak, level 1 or 2 monsters to your monster formation in order to rack up coins quickly.
Go to the player vs player mode in Game Center by tapping on your mailbox.

Choose the play now option to randomly match you up with someone to battle.
Just let them kill your monsters to get 2 gold coins every time you lose. Do this to get more free gold coins

How to get high ranking in this game
Use gold coins to unlock as many egg hatching nests as possible
Hatch as many eggs at a time as possible.
Look at the leaderboard to measure how many eggs you have hatched
Keep hatching their eggs at the same time to get your ranking high among others players.

Strategy to evolve and win monster battle in this game
Pick only the matters monster to fight in order to make a huge difference in the battle outcome such as water beats fire, fire beats plant and plant beats water.

Then start getting to other types such as electric, metal and dark so that the rules will change to go even deeper.

Try to send a monster to do one single attack to evolve experience then send in another one to do so.
Remember as the monster has to pull off an attack or a move in order to get the experience.

In order to get some experience points of the monsters just let your three guys track monsters with highest level possible then speed them up every time by using the gold coins that you got while doing the last trick.

Battle over and over again by using the same 5 characters in the battle to get the most experience points and level them up till maximum level to evolve them.

In order to fight against new monsters faster just keep leveling up your characters
At this point your uncle and friends will soon be able to track new monsters.

Always pick the highest level option possible for tracking
More options will come up as your monsters reach higher and higher levels.
Remember to level up 1 or 2 monsters at a time to unlock the high-level battles faster.

Always battle against other monsters in PvE matches to earn more experience points.
You can do so by tapping on the sign post south of your house, having your in-game friends and your uncle track monsters to bring them to you,then battling them and winning.
The higher you level up to, the higher the level of the monsters that they will bring back.

Get experience for single monsters or multiple monsters from a battle.
Remember as the experience will be split between each monster who executes an attack in battle.
Note: If a monster gives you a total of 46 xp, and you use two monsters, they will earn 23 xp each.
So make this an excellent way to level up a lower-level monster by swapping it out with a higher level monster after one turn.

Try to spend gold coins to speed up the tracking so you can fight battle after battle immediately without waiting.
And get a ton of eggs and a ton of experience points in a short amount of time by doing so.

Try to level up the monster to a level between 25 and 40 firstly in order to evolve a monster.
Always feed the monster with various stat-boosting fruits.

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