Water Gems Cheats in Tiny Tribe iPhone

In tiny tribe game, you can get free diamonds or gems by following these steps
Here, every time you collect three items, one of the prizes will be a diamond or multiple diamonds that you can have those for free.

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Try to accomplish some of the achievements to earn diamonds as a reward.
Look at the quest bar that quests will pop up offering free diamonds as a reward upon completion.
Always do the quest such as like the game on Facebook or post an invite to friends to earn diamonds as a bonus when you complete the quest.

Try to enter the promo code of another player or have them enter yours in order to earn bonuses including diamonds.
Get the promo code by tapping on the lower left on a gear icon and hit the Promo Code button.
Then send it around and start finding other peoples codes to enter.

Just tap on either the Bank, or on the above-noted gear icon and hit Free Gems to complete a whole bunch of offers on Tapjoy in that it will earn you free diamonds.

In addition, when taking the offer to sign up for Tapjoy or come back to Tapjoy, a secondary list of free offers will pop up to be completed.
So try to complete this to have a chance of getting amount of gems and a lot of diamonds as well.

Try to cut through by tapping on each piece of debris that are trees, weeds, rocks, etc and doing one cut on it when you cannot access to a new location.

Then, tap each piece of debris again before the cut is over while seeing number 6/15 or some other number appearing on the left side of the pop up window.
The first number means how many cuts you have done and the second number is how many cuts you need to get rid of it

At that situation try to dig up the debris that needs the least amount of cuts such as ferns, thorns and other ground plants.
Just go to the decorations menu of your shop tab then start building water trees and collectors, and wells when unlocking them in order to have water so often and you do not need worried about getting completely stopped when you run out of water.
Now you can go far longer before running out of water with that strategy.

Water is the primary source energy in Tiny Tribe.
You will need water to do any action on this game but if you run out of water, you can get free water by following these steps.
Just collect 13 water from the spring that is on the left hand side of the map.
Remember every time you search the airplane you will earn bonus water from it.
You will regain six water instantly after getting an experience level.
Try to level up to unlock new decorations from the shop such as the Collector, the Spring, the Water Tree, the Well and the Totem in order to have bonus of water every so often
If you continue to level up, you can build multiples of these in order to maximize your water gains.
Try to accomplish an achievement, a quest or a finished collection to have a number of bonuses, including water.
During accomplishing an achievement You will gain experience points in order to help you gain water faster.

If above steps did not really work try to speed up your water gains after collecting it from your well, your spring, and every other structure which awards you with water
Go to time setting on your phone device
Set the time ahead in order to decrease the time to collect more water from the plane, the well, the hot springs, the collector and other areas.
After collecting last water, set the time an hour ahead or more
Just go back to the game and collect them rapidly.
Tap the menu button to minimize the game
Just double tap the menu button to close the game
Now set the time back to normal
Try to reopen the game, and you will have kept all of your bonus water.
Keep doing so if you run out of water as it is the primary energy on this game

Go to time and setting on your phone device
Just set the time ahead for next 3 hours or more
Just go back to the game to get all water collected
Close the game and do not minimize the app
Set the time back to normal again
Now open the game again to have all of that extra water
Always do so if you want to get more free water in tiny tribe game

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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