How to Get More Boo Bucks Scores Fright Heights for iPhone

Fright Heights is a puzzle and strategy game, where you must complete goal to receive bucks cash and score then scare away the residents of a haunted hotel, consecutive list of haunted blocks and resident blocks.

frights heights tips

Furthermore, the side of each haunted block has a power rating whereby you have to make sure the adjacent hotel blocks have a high enough rating to scare off the resident blocks nestled in the gaps as well.

To start your adventure, you will solve each floor one by one, starting at the one nearest the bottom and the uppermost floor on the screen, then work your way downwards.
Thus, you will not find yourself stuck to complete a level with the blocks you have left over.

Meanwhile, once having enough those boo bucks, you can exchange them for werewolves, vampires and even bigger beasts then summon storms to create an unnerving atmosphere

In order to increase your score, just stick with a long line of spooky blocks coming up that you do not need then pepper them around floors that have already been set up nicely.

Therefore, you will get access to hotel guests sooner and increase the spookiness of each floor so that you can get a much higher score when you have completed this stage successfully.

Moreover, you will clear every floor of the hotel in certain levels in which you will also have to achieve a certain spookiness rating to proceed.
When being in these levels, you have to spread the fear out that will make every monster have an effect on someone in every floor.

When getting on the top floor, be sure to activate your Talisman power as this will give you the tool in order to finish off a particularly problematic level.

Activating Soul Swap Talisman will turn the next guest into an extra-scary monster
And it is very useful when you need an additional boost of fear to finish off a level.

Storm Surge one will give you the double power of every single spook in your line-up.
And Monster Mayhem Talisman creates a monster that will clear out an entire floor.
You should use this when going to the top of the tower then try to finish off the final floor.

In the way of filling 50 hotels with ghosts and frightening your guests, you will be brought to uncover different hotel layouts together with puzzle nuts if you can scratch your way past the confusing surface.

In accordance with this, try to place a gang of ghosts, villains and whatever you can conjure from the Netherworld into the empty rooms of your haunted establishment so that you can send your guests running for the hills.

Before starting to scare away the guests, you simply surround them with ghouls and try to spread your spooks effectively to panic patrons, de-exorcise exterminators then chain together frightening combos.

In addition, when placing a guest in Fright Heights, just avoid placing them against a wall so that you will get the benefit of a monster’s spookiness from that side than putting them next to the sides.

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