Cash Cheats Frontline Commando 2 iPhone

In frontline commando 2 game, you can freely carry on your gun to shoot any incoming enemies along the way and take cover behind anything in the stage, wait a while for taking position to shoot them more for War Cash and Gold, the main currency of this game.

fl commando 2 tips

Early on the game, you will start the game off with the assault rifle and the sniper rifle.
When you against large groups of enemies, you must use the assault rifle so that you can quickly shift from enemy to another while you shooting them in the combat.
Moreover, you can use machine guns to eliminate large enemies at once.

On the other side, when combating smaller groups of enemies, using sniper rifle will be a good idea especially more heavily-armored human enemies, as you can aim and fire one single coming to deadly shot.
And, sniper rifle will also be the best to shoot long range enemy

When facing against enemies inside vehicles, try to use shotguns as they will deliver big bursts of shot, rather than one single bullet.
As a result, they also do a ton of damage to vehicles, but are also effective against tightly-clustered human troops or troops who are difficult to aim at.

Playing in PvP mode will test your skill to shoot enemies in a quick time as you will use sniper rifle to dealt with enemies according to ratings, in which this pvp mode is sometimes ridiculous battles slip through the cracks at each mission.

In the battle, you have to aim then quickly double-tap on the fire button in which you should first tap opens the scope and second tap to shoot with the gun and to crack off a quick shot.
When battling against enemies, making head shots generally do more damage than any other shot does.

Getting involved in the PvP mode will earn you war cash and if you are stuck on a stage you can play in the old missions you have beaten before and play them again to earn you more and more gold.

Joining PvP mode will also offer you some excellent bonuses for winning
In line with this, you generally earn more prize money than you do when playing against old rounds.

After making progresses through the game, you will gain levels and you will be awarded with gold to purchase new weapons and gears
In the way of gathering more free gold, just go to the shop area while searching for the various free gold buttons as it will give more access to earn gold without having to make any in app purchases.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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