Fruits Coins Stars Cheats Mr Crab iPhone

In mr crab game, all you will do is to use all your right timing and quick thinking to get three stars
In the mean time, you can also gather up items in each level such as apples in a tree, bubbles on the beach, coins in the treasure levels

mr crab walkthrough

Moreover you have to rescue crab baby along the way amongst the assorted enemies around them.
So tap to jump and hold your finger on the screen to jump higher to reach the top of the ever-spinning tower while using walls to boost you even further and collecting other goodies in each level.

When playing this game you will encounter different levels including Beach Party, Ice Climber and Temple of boom.
Meanwhile each level will give some challenges to beat new enemies or they will defeat you.
In addition boss battles are simple matters of bouncing on giant enemies’ heads, but they add a bit of variety.

A soft press makes mr crab leap a little
Whilst hoding it down extends the height and distance traveled.

Jump into a wall, and a further press will make him ricochet off in the opposite direction while allowing him to navigate even the trickiest platform mazes.
So make him run into a wall to do a complete u-turn.

During playing the game, you need to gather up his little crabby friends, jump to get the bubbles littered all around the screen
Furthermore you have to avoid or bop off the heads of a colorful assortment of critters

Note that a bad collision will cause you to drop down a complete of levels and repeat your progress.
So do everything in the right time and think fast to complete the goal of each mission

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