Where to Get New Ships FTL Faster Than Light for iPhone

In ftl faster than light game, you have to save the galaxy with any mean necessary from any invader then command and manage your unit then choose weapon targets in the space battle.

ftl faster than light tips

Along the way, you will have to fight hostile ships, respond to random events, and carry on more supplies to keep yourselves operational long enough to get back to your base.

On the other side, you will take your ship and crew on an adventure through a randomly generated galaxy filled with glory and you have to defeat any incoming enemies ships.

This game will supply you a huge selection of weapons, which allows you to select from lasers to missiles and much more with its specific capability for each of them.

Thus, try to keep experimenting with different weapon types so that you can sense their specification and you can make a good combination of them.
In the battlefield, all you will have to do is simple a you need to adapt to the situation and change your strategy accordingly.
Meanwhile, you have to focus on destroying the enemies’ weapons so to save health, which you will really need to survive in the long term.
One important thing is to shoot at the shields of enemies ships so that you can overpower the enemy and get your victory.

Note that always get ready to escape and to fire at their engines so that you can prevent them from escaping and make sure you will eventually destroy them and obtain some extra resources for your units.

After having through some battles, you must upgrade your ship and unlock new ones with the help of seven diverse alien races.
In line with this, it will be better to upgrade everything evenly, with the exception of weapons, which are the only ones which require constant upgrading.
Early on, you will start attacking your enemies with very powerful shields and you have to win with powerful weapons.

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