G Points Stars Cheats in Baseball Superstars 2013 on iPhone

In baseball superstars 2013 game, you will have to collect g points to level up your fictitious team like the Dragons, Swallows and Dolphins
Here, you will play as both a pitcher and batter, starting off as rookies challenging and competing for first place of the championship.

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Try to get and use of G Points and Stars to increase stats and experience while making things a bit easier when playing against the other team.
You will need to manage your G Points to level up your team.
With the fun ways to spend these points you will keep your team competitive so play on an under-leveled team in order to earn more g points and stars.

Try to be super star by tackling new quests and relationships with your fans and cohorts
Challenge your friends and other players to boost your stats and win big
You have to complete quests and daily tasks in order to earn big points
Use g points to get base hits and homeruns without beefing up a player’s abilities.

Before going to the field, just spend G Points on a maximum of three upgrades designed to boost your performance and damage your opponent.
Options include increasing a batter’s power by 15 percent and decreasing the opposing pitcher’s stats by 10 percent, among others.
Complete some mission quests such as in winning a PvP match to gain G Points, Stars, Experience and even powerful items.

After finishing a quest, simply press the Quest icon at the top right to claim the point rewards.
You can play against friends and other user’s teams, you can trade players online, and you can advance into new leagues with a strong post season performance.

Simply tilt or button-based aiming, along with three buttons for swing, power swing, and bunt.
You have to build up your character’s stats and skills by winning the championship.

Try to play games and train during free time in order to get experience points to level up.
You will draw a card that assigns more points to your key stats after having enough experience to level up.

You can perform more activities for free when being in still capped at ten active points.
You can also spend your time with training, quiz games, home run challenges, and getting a girlfriend as well.

The options of this game will also provide significant rewards and power-ups that shape your experience both on and off the field.
You have to level up your character via training and get power-ups with virtual currency.

In early start you can customize your team name, logo, and uniforms.
You have to struggle to win the game with runners in scoring position, or a single batter to strike out with the game on the line.

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