Crystals Matterium Cheats in Galaxy Factions for iPhone

In galaxy factions game, you have to build, expand, and protect your own galaxy while making it as large as you can and complete missions to earn crystals, energus and matterium.
Then, you must recruit troops, build new facilities, and defend your base.

galaxy factions tips

In the beginning of the game, you will be tasked to collect currencies and resources in which you can use resources and other currency like the premium currency of Matterium in order to lead the competition.
In the accordance with currencies, always check for current missions available to engage in to earn Crystals, Energus, and Matterium.

For Crystals and Energus, you can collect them by building the appropriate facilities around your territory while matterium one can cost yuor real-world cash.
Having such currencies will give you an access to purchase more units and weapons for your offensive and defensive strategy

Before going to invade the other base, make sure you have enough troops to engage in attacks and enough facilities to keep yourself defended from enemy threats.

Because of this, you can start gathering resources as this will deploy your troops by simply hitting the button at the bottom of the screen to choose a type, hold your finger outside of the red region and tap to place units around the area in different places.

Meanwhile, you can also start maximizing your Energus and Crystal Depots as early as you can in that you can refill supplies easier and quicker as well.
Doing so will give you more supplies whereby when you are ready to build later, you will have plenty of materials to build an efficient home base.

Military buildings range from training facilities to train military personnel to mech factories in which it is to defend your area.
In line with this, try to build your units sparingly, and keep a balance of resource-spawning facilities you will have your store for more activities.

On the other side, you can use varied resources to build defenses from enemy attacks and to build up barriers before initiating an attack.
You can have barriers, gun turrets, neutron cannons, shock turrets, and laser turrets for long-range armaments while shock mines, claymores, M1s, and AA mines are a great to maximize your resources.

With your energus, you can select military units ranked and higher-powered ammunition, from a Marine, Blazer, Sniper, Shock Trooper, Engineer, Ninja, Drone, Grimlock, Sweeper, Deathbomber, Bruticon, or God.

Purchase a “God” ship to increase your resources rapidly.
Marines and Blazers will be cheap and they can also be used to defend your base.

After having a solid units and defensive base, you can launch attack in order to expand your faction.
When starting your invasion, you will load up the local galaxy to scan for nearby enemies and target the nearest asteroid to be deployed then win the battle to receive spoils in the form of items, resources, and more.

In summary, always have enough resources and troops at all times then level up and keep building facilities while upgrading them to keep resources supply.

Do some upgrades for your ship, additional capital, and the manpower to complete additional projects as it will come to Crystals and Energus to spare.
In addition, the extractor and the miner are worth for additional storage capacity, whereby it will maximize your resources for times ahead along the game.

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