Credits Cash Cheats Galaxy Legend for iPhone

In galaxy legend game, you can play in single player while getting money credits, the main currency of this game
Playing in the single player mode, defeating pirates and ranking up will lead you to unlock some unlocked features that the game offers in the first play

galaxy legend tips

For further journey, you will meet some surprising challenges in the next missions
Meanwhile, you will be able to earn more ships, spots in the formation, and the ability to launch your attack towards other space craft or new civilization.

In this sci-fi game, you will take a role as Commander of a galactic outpost fighting for power.
Therefore, you will absolutely need to lead all your forces and employ a variety of strategies to repel the threat of Space Pirates, enemy outposts, aliens, and the unknown looms then be a Legendary Commander.

As you power up, new special attacks will be unlocked automatically.
Having more battles means to battle with the fleets larger and larger

For such reasons, you have to equip special attacks which target more than one enemy at a time.
So if you are stuck on a battle, you can go back to old battles and fight them again in order to power up your ships.

Getting involved in many battles will give you a chance of collecting rewards
In line with this circumstance, every time the upper right icon glows orange on the main screen, some those rewards will be ready to be claimed as your own.

Moreover, those rewards tend to occur very frequently in which they increase as you rank up
And the quicker you collect them, the faster more awards end up showing up to be collected at that time.

Setting up your formation in the right order will come to your special attacks which can target the maximum amount of enemies at the same time.
At this point, you will be allowed to change your formation while flying above the space in single player mode, but not in the arena.

In accordance wit this, you can try to take note of the setups that other players use most frequently in the arena
Afterward, you can change your formation around to attack as many of their ships as possible.
To increase your attack, you can order your formation in order to avoid opponents’ multi attacks.

When seeing a ship that you can either pursue or renounce in the single player mode, just stay calm as there will be nothing happen either way.
In addition, attacking some ships in such situation will essentially bring you in a normal battle, while renouncing them will give you a chance to search the area for bonuses, just like searching space debris along the game.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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