How to Get Gold Silver Loyalty in Game of War Fire Age for iPhone

In game of war fire age game, you must help your alliance`s member to get gold cash and loyalty points
Here, the main currency of this game is gold in which alliance funds are controlled by the leader of the alliance.

game of war fire age tips

Except gold, you will be able to get more loyalty and alliance funds by helping your alliance`s members when they ask a help for completing construction or research.

With every help that you contributed you will get 100 loyalty and funds to the alliance.
Moreover, when taking part in an event or completing one of your alliance quests, you will earn loyalty and alliance funds as well.

And if your alliance runs and occupies your kingdom`s wonder, your alliance leader is going to be the king of the land in that this circumstance will earn your alliance a bunch of loyalty points.

Furthermore, you can also get both alliance points and loyalty funds by correcting bad translations in this game.
Once fixing those translation legitimately, you will earn hundreds of loyalty and alliance points.

In order to have more gold, you can open your alliance`s gifts before they expire whereby they actually contain free gold.
In any other way, you can play the casino as often as possible to have chances at collecting gold from it and high roller mode will equal more gold.

By connecting the game to Facebook and build a gold mine somewhere in the rural portion of your city, you can earn gold as rewards then trade gold with your friends.
Thus, just refer friends to get more rewards when they join and when they have new accomplishments in the game, like upgrading the stronghold.

This game allows you to request resources from your alliance teammates, or send resources to other teammates who request it.
So try using the academy to research new technologies to speed up resource earnings

On the other side, you can use your heroes skill points to upgrade resource accumulation then boost your hourly income of any one of the resources.
And The Gatherer boost will speed up a resource producing tile like a fort on the map.

The gifts in this game are sent to every single member of the alliance every time someone buys a gold package
Therefore, this will include resource bonuses, or even resource boost bonuses that you can get.

In the meantime, you can buy resource boosts from the alliance store using loyalty points or using alliance points for the leader only.
In order to increase the prize quantity in the casino, you can pay some gold to switch to the high roller mode as this mode boosts the size of your prizes, as well as increases the chances of getting some resource prizes.

In addition, when being in VIP mode, you will receive an automatic boost to all of your resources.
Plus, you can also get free resources and other goods by correcting the translation errors or unknown words in this game.

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