How to Get Money Cash in Gangstar Rio City of Saints iPhone

In gangstar rio city of saints game, you will not need to jump out of the car to pick up dropped weapons or money when you run people over.

gangstar rio city of saint review

Always stay alert of cops arresting you.
Even if they can manage to stop you in your car just drive in to get away from them
Always watch out for the amusing zombie mini-game if you get killed and end up in hospital.

Follow these tips to get more money in gangstar rio city game
Remember as there will be ten suitcases around the map containing $2,500 each.
Unlike MV, they can only be collected once, meaning the total money gained is $25000.
Also, Kill thugs that is African bloke with yellow shirt/African bloke with red scarf.
Kill the black guys with yellow t-shirts, they always have uzi/gun/ak47/shotgun.
Try to kill few of them in order to get enough weapons

In order to boost your money just go to right outside your house and get the cops after you.
Kill them and get their money and guns.
Then go to your house and sleep to get more health

To get free money in this game, you will need GCIH v2.3 to this tricks in order to shop anything with your money

Note that the same process can be effective for skills and levels first
At this time you should go to statistics then search for your points so that you can change them

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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