How to Get Stars Gear in Jack Black Hole for iPhone

In jack black hole crescent moon game, you are tasked to complete every given mission to earn free gears
Completing missions in this game will earn you keys, in that you will also get extra gears in return, so you must focus on completing the missions at first then thinking about high scores you will get along the game.

gear jack black hole tips

In order to get free gears in this game, you will be given the option, that is to watch a game trailer for 100 free gears.
Once getting enough gears, you can upgrade your talents as they will be extremely useful if picked correctly and even though each talent depends on the style of play of each player

Second chance talent will basically give you an extra life for free every now and then.
Lucky Gear will help you get more gears when you are in the way of accomplishing your missions.
Stoned will help you go through a lot of stones, so that you can survive the impact if you do
Later on, you will have to get the other ones namely The Key, Royalties, Magnet and Shield.

The easiest way to die is to run into “hidden” traps.
For such reasons, you have to try to learn all the traps and how to avoid them for accomplishing one mission to another.

Anyway, rolling in air will increase gravity, so just do it to land faster if it is ever needed.
Besides, you have to learn how to master the jumps by holding the up arrow for longer or double tapping to perform a double jump.

In addition, practicing your run a lot in this game will come to high score and points
Thus if you play for more, you will get better along the game
And, getting more gears will come to better for your character.

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