Gem Gold Cheats in Dark Avenger iPhone

When playing dark avenger game, you can get some gems and gold the you can use them to purchase health and mana potions

dark avenger tips

During the play, there will be a lot of loot to earn including gem and gold coins
You can possibly upgrade, then unlock and train plenty of skills.

You will have to attack enemies with your weapon in certain level to open up the next and gather loot of gold along the way.

Once getting your level up, you will be challenged with more tougher level to earn better loot and more gold as well.

In the beginning of the game you will choose one from three heroic classes namely Templar, Archer, or Mage.

Then you will get equipped with enhanced weapons to have some experiences and explore hellish dungeons and collect powerful, legendary treasures in your route to ridding the world of evil.

Meanwhile your primary goal is to involve in fighting against monsters and grabbing the precious loot and cool weapons and gear guaranteed to transform your dual-blade-carrying hero

Leveling up is key to beat later stages with the most basic weapons and equipment as you will plow through a series of bite-sized levels pummeling baddies, with the occasional wooden barrel to smash and treasure chest to kick open for gold.

For such reasons, you must upgrade weapons by swapping out the Dull Blade for the superior Templar Blade, then slipping into hoods, cloaks, gloves and shoes to further boost the character’s health, attack, armor and other important categories.

Use the same exact three-hit combo over and over again to defeat enemies bosses in the combat
Remember to avoid claw swipes and energy blasts while going through your own stabs and lunges.
Once getting enough money, use Health and Mana potions as your defense of beating the bosses.

In Time Attack will be useful for scoring more gold and valuable Forge Stones to make upgrades.
And The Infinity Tower will give you on a seemingly endless mission to reach new waves of enemies on a single health bar.

On the other word you will fight against increasingly tough waves of enemies for collecting lots of gold and medals that you can useto buy better gear.

In addition Death Match, will allow you to set up and prepare your way through different opponents from around the world.

So take part in the Tower of Eternity and battle friends and foes around the globe in pvp to show who will get the highest rank in this game.

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