Gems Cheats Gemini Strike for iPhone

Gemini Strike is an excellent gaming scenes in which it brings space shooter bullet-hell style game
On the other words, this game will appeal to fans of Raiden, or of another excellent mobile space shooter around the net.

gemini strike tips

Throughout the game, you will be asked to gather up two currencies which are gems and credits
The gems are the primary currency
While, the credits are the premium currency.

Gems is the primary currency of this game cannot even be bought
In order to get them, you can earn them in any stage that you play.

Gems usually come up either randomly in the game, or whenever you destroy a capsule, big ship and boss.
Thus, when seeing them scattered around the screen, you have to collect them to add to your total
Moreover, doing so will also get a gem bonus just for beating the stage.

And, if you get stuck and you do not have enough gems to upgrade your ship’s equipment, you can try to go back to a previous sector.
Here, you must kill your progress at the current one but it will be worth it.
It is highly recommended to simply start back at sector one and work your way all the way back up so that you can load up on the gems.
Some gems which are earned never diminish even though you have already beaten the stage at that time.

On the other side, playing in the secret missions will also give you a chance of getting those gems
But, make sure to win as you will not keep the gems if you lose like on the normal missions.

Then, if you want to make the secret missions, you have to come back more more quickly, and set the time ahead by about a day after you complete them.
Afterwards, you can then go back to the game and they will have come back.
In the way of getting extra credits in this game, all you will have to do is simply to log in daily for every 24 hours.

Plus, every time that you beat a boss for the first time and you get to a new sector, you will be able to reward a credit as well.
Again, in this game, you will ever end up earning too many credits for free, so instead save up your credits and use them wisely.
Never use them on getting another turn on a stage right after you lose, not even for the secret missions.

Later on, you can spend them to buy new ships or to shop in the black market.
Always keep on the lookout for cargo boxes to come up after secret missions because they will cost just 1 credit instead of 3 credits to open them.

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