Gems Coins Cheats in Castle Story on iPhone

In castle story game, you can get certain items such as wisp lanterns from friends or buy them with gems.
Besides, you must also think about your energy regeneration

castle story tips

Just do the following tricks in order to get energy refill or finish a task quickly
Go to the phone settings menu
Set the time ahead by an hour or more
Afterward go back to the game before the game syncs up with the central server and resets
Just chopping trees and collecting crafts from the workshop are you have to do before the game syncs up completely

Try to get gold coins when collecting rent from a building, as a reward for quest completion, and as a bonus when neighbors visit your kingdom or you visit theirs.

You must either purchase gems and exchange them for coins or wait until you can collect rent on your properties.

Just wait until energy regenerates within every two minutes.
Try to level up in the game in order to get your energy meter refilled to its maximum as a reward.

When leveling up in the game you will unlock more items in the market for purchase and your energy meter will refill to its maximum level as well as coins or energy points as well.

Just place particular buildings and castle structures such as walls and towers in your kingdom to earn royal points.
So get many royal points to get valuable of your kingdom and to qualify for the purchase of an expansion

Get sixty royal points when constructing a royal building.
Get star points by collecting rent, constructing a building, buying a building or decorating item, crafting an item, or visiting a neighbor.

Try to decorate items in order to get XP or royal points so that it will help you level up faster and make your kingdom more attractive.

Just visit your neighbors kingdom to have a chance of getting a special daily reward including five coins, one XP star, or one energy point once every twenty four hours.

The more people you visit and help out by tapping on their buildings, the more of these hearts you will earn.

Try to have a high social rating in order to help you appear on or near the top of the community menu where thousands of other online players will see your name so that they will visit you and hopefully post on your wall asking for a neighbor invitation
As a result you will get free more bonus coins and points.

Just log in daily without in order to get a daily bonus including coins, XP star, or energy point
Try to visit your neighbors and help them out daily so that you will earn coins and blue XP stars to unlock even more items

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