Gems Coins Cheats in League of Heroes iPhone

In league of heroes game, your energy refill will regenerate approximately within 10 minutes.
To get them more, just use your blue gems to top the energy meter right up.

League of Heroes Cheats

In order to top up your meter is just tap on the energy bar, then select Invite.
Afterward send an SMS text to your own mobile number as many times as you want.

By sending sms to your own mobile the game will not check that the recipient of the text did anything with it so that you will be instantly rewarded because of it

A golden Champion statue in the center of the village will flash when you approach it.
If you want to view your high scores against your Facebook or Game Center friends, you can access the leaderboards from here.

In order to get more blue gems in league of heroes just try some these tips
Find more blue gems by clicking the in-app purchase store.
Make sure to check on your own device before committing to a purchase as the prices vary by region.

Find a little tab marked ‘Get free coins’ in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
Click on that tab to a list of promotional events and advertising you can participate in to get rewarded with a pretty decent chunk of change.

Always make sure to smash any pots you come across as these contain extra silver coins for your haul as well

Daily Events only become available once per day but reward more currency for your efforts.
So take part in these whenever they become available to maximize your earning potential everyday

Just always try running away when finding yourself under a deluge of horrible monsters, but to put real distance between them and try heading over water as they cannot swim so you will be safe by doing so

Try to prevent a monster’s special attack by simply hitting them very quickly so that their attack is interrupted.

Be very careful not to get caught in the wrong place at the wrong moment though because many of the more magical monsters can cause you some serious damage if you miss with your weapon.
So be sure to always carry your weapon to prepare anything ahead in this game

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