Gems Cheats Dawn of Titans iPhone

Natural Motion has Action Strategy MMO games that is called Dawn of Titans and made with console-quality 3D graphics and ultra-addictive gameplay

dawn of titans basic guide walkthrough iphone android

Here, you are tasked to build your kingdom and level it up to grow more powerful and earn more XP
You can do all of these by winning battles, upgrading your Kingdom, and progressing through the game.

Once your kingdom has leveled up, it will unlock new upgrades, buildings, so that you will become more powerful in battle.

Be sure to upgrade many working parts to an City such these following standard buildings
The Castle is the most important building as it is the biggest and impressive building in your City
Upgrade the Castle for all other buildings.

Upgrade The Army Camp that will allow to build more units, then upgrade the Barracks.
Upgrade The Garrison where it is defensive troops guard your City.
You can assign troops to the Garrison that will improve the defense of your City

Upgrade The Portal stores Portal Stones, where they are used to transport your troops to battle so that they will increase the number of Portal Stones for your kingdom

To collect some resources, you can build the following basic buildings
Build The Farm to supply Food and train troops.
Be sure to upgrade them to increase the rate of Food supply

Meanwhile, The Granary can store Food that you have collected from the Farm.
Just upgrade that building to increase that storage capacity for the Food

Building The Market will produce Gold to upgrade the other buildings.
Make sure to upgrade it to increase the rate of Gold production
All your gold that you have collected from the Market will be stored in The Gold Vault
To increase its capacity, you must upgrade it

All your troops are trained in The Barracks.
Just upgrade it to train more troops there.

The Armoury is where you increase the level of the troops that you produce.
It will increase the maximum level of to produce and level up the troops if you can upgrade it

After everything is upgraded, you will now stable resources and troops
Now, it is the time to go for the battle with enemies

All you will do is to win the battle to get more resources and gems, the premium currency of this game
So, just try to train more troops and place them in strategic spots to win the battle.
Thus, the more the battle you win, the more gems you will earn that you can use to purchase anything and speed up upgrades in this game

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