Gems Cheats Gods of Olympus iPhone Android

Gods of Olympus developed by Aegis Interactive can be included into a new MMO strategy game that you can play both on the iOS and the Android devices.

gods of olympus basic walkthrough ios android

In a glance, this game is similar to Clash of Clans clone, but this game has no waiting periods for any of the building upgrades or troop training that you do.

Along the game, you will guide the gods of Olympus to battle through ancient Greece against fortified cities and hundreds of combat units.

In other words, you will control some legendary Greek gods such as Zeus, Athena, Ares, Aphrodite, Apollo, and Artemis in real-time combat to go through enemy defenses for resources.

Here, you will have one temple for each God in your party.
And, you must protect your temple with any mean necessary since this is vulnerable points
If a player attacks all of your temples, you will automatically lose the round
However, if your enemies gods die before finishing, you will be the winner.

For such reasons, you will have to get some layers of protection between that outside of your level and your temples as possible.

On the other side, you can spread your temples apart from each other
If you can do so, any attacking gods will have a long way to go and a lot of obstacles to get through.
AS a result, they will be more susceptible to being defeated by your archers, hoplites, and your various defense towers.

Once you have purchased a new god, make sure to purchase their temple as fast as possible.
For further, you will attack another player to look for resources such as nectar, stone, and gold
When doing so, just scout them by looking at what the shortest route to their temples is

In the mean time, you can send your gods attacking along that route while checking how many resources they have there
You must also analyze how well protected their temples are
Then, you can skip on to the next level if their defenses are too high for your gods

To build your temple, you must get more resources namely nectar, stone, and gold by invading other players
Also, every time, you can complete the missions against the computer controlled bases, you can also get resources for free.

When completing missions, you will sometimes be opted to choose between easy, medium, and hard battles for the PVP ones.
Participating in harder battle will provide you more resources if you can win it.

As usual, this game will come along with the premium currency in form of gems
Generally, you can such gems by purchasing them trough app purchases

Alternatively, you can also get free gems by completing the various achievements
Once collecting enough gems, you can use them to purchase and build the premium decorations

Later on, you will be supplied with gemstones on a regular basis that you can collect for free each time you level up in this game.

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