Gems Cheats in Ire Blood Memory iOS

Ire: Blood Memory is one of tactical Action-RPG that offers a great and complex battle system packed in a demanding inventory and forging system.
The game gets you to jump from short battle to short battle fighting increasingly-difficult enemies where you must learn their attacking and movement patterns and plan accordingly to beat them.

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Early on, you get to pick one of three weapons Lance and Shield, Gauntlets, and a Sword.
Every weapon forces you to adopt different fighting styles ranging from more attacking to more defensive.

Each enemy has its own pattern of movement or attacks and its particular weaknesses and strengths
You need to study those patterns and learn to react accordingly
You can also use the environment – exploding barrels and the likes – to damage your enemies.

In order to take advantage of the enemies’ different weaknesses when they attack or move, be sure to really become familiar with how each of the weapons work and how to best use the various combos you can execute.

Every weapon offers around seven different combos, so timing them and figuring out the best distance from which to execute them.
Do not equate combos with button mashing as the game’s stamina system will force you to think carefully about when to do what
And, pressing attack more than a few times will result in you standing in front of a huge minotaur-like creature.

Upgrade your equipment and forge new weapons and armor.
Upgrading armor can have resistance to flame but not to wind, or resistance to lightning and wind but not flame.
When going for a quest, the game will inform you of your enemies’ elemental strengths and weaknesses
Then, you have to pick or forge the right kind of armor that offers protection from the right kind of elements.

The game’s monetization model offers the cosmetic IAPs route that is in form of gems
The game offers many daily and quest-related rewards that give you all types of currencies, including gems.
So, you have to complete all challenges and quests to get more gems that you will need to upgrade or get new weapons

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